There is plenty of expensive weed grinders on the marketplace today. Grinders with blades and bearings and also breast implant. Just kidding regarding the boob jobs, yet the other 2 attributes are equally as gimmicky (and not nearly as enjoyable to play with).
Past the trendy name as well as track record, the Santa Cruz Shredder loads several features as well as high-ends that set it high over various other natural herb grinders.

7 Reasons That Santa Cruz Shredder is the most effective Weed Mill
Ideal Work Consistency– EVER.
Out of every grinder I have actually ever before used, evaluating with a variety of nugs varying from damp and also sticky to shake hard and thick, the Santa Cruz Shredder produces flawlessly fluffy ground weed.
The natural herb isn’t mutilated as well as trichomes stay undamaged! Fine sufficient for every dry natural herb vape as well as the optimal uniformity for smoking cigarettes too.

Ideal Kief Display
If accumulating kief is your calling, the Cruz is the champ. The screen used in the 4-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is the excellent screen. The holes allow sufficient to not get blocked, but not so large that the kief enthusiast fills out with natural fallen leave matter instead of kief.
In side-by-side tests with various other grinders, the Santa Cruz Shredder created more kief as well as obstructed much less– while still supplying the best ground weed.

SIMPLE TO GRIND– The teeth of the Santa Cruz are SHARP AS FUCK and also they’re serrated. The SCS does not use the shitty diamond-shaped teeth that cheap weed grinders utilize; rather, the SCS utilized box-shaped teeth with scooped surfaces and serrated sides. This tooth form remains sharp for several years as well as years and years while giving the grind that fantastic fluffiness that NO OTHER GRINDER CONTAINER SUIT.

Ok, that needs an asterisk. There is some extremely small upkeep included with the Santa Cruz Shredder, however it’s incredibly small contrasted to various other weed grinders. I have actually never ever needed to saturate my Santa Cruz Shredder– rather, I angle the lid in a half-inserted way that scrapes the grinder hash from the lid as well as allows it fall into the grinder.
Optionally, you can utilize your finger nail or an alcohol wipe.

Harder Light weight aluminum
Nearly all weed grinders are constructed of aluminum. Santa Cruz is no exception; nonetheless, they utilize a more difficult alloy than the others. Their light weight aluminum is harder as well as much more sturdy than the low-cost grinders located on Amazon, and so on.

Threading, Refined & Refined
The surfaces of the Santa Cruz Shredder are smooth and also polished with subtle textures and also knurlings to supply hold and touch feedback. The knurlings and also structures are precise as well as refined. Even the threads of the Santa Cruz Shredder are buttery smooth.

Dimension & Color Options
I understand this is a stretch, yet hear me out. Not all grinders are available in several sizes. Not all grinders can be found in 2, 3, or 4-piece. Not all grinders have multiple color choices, surfaces, or limited-edition cooperations. Santa Cruz Shredders come in all kind of sizes and also colors– there’s also a HEMP variation that is bio-degradable!